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At the Robinson Ranch we provide a home for some otherwise "homeless" donkeys---some have been abused, some were simply ignored and undisciplined.

Most of our C-ASS-taway Treasures, however, were "not wanted anymore" for a variety of reasons---got too fat, pointed butt, too tall, too long bodied, too old, won't get pregnant, and the classics, "wrong color" and "she's just not good enough any more!"

A donkey with it's sweet, loving disposition is NEVER the wrong color, and FLASH, there is no such thing as a perfect donkey.  Some folks should never possess animals, and God be with their children and aging parents.

At the Robinson Ranch we can't "just say NO" to donkeys...or to stray dogs and cats, for that matter.  However, because we have sold most of the ranch, we need to find OTHER GOOD HOMES for these "treasures."  Homes that will be committed to care for these wonderful animals regardless of age, color, conformation, size, sex, or breeding status.  Homes that understand being female doesn't mean you must always be pregnant...or even EVER pregnant.

Some of these donkeys were purchased ... some of them were "come and get them" (one with the sheriff's blessing).  A few faced certain death by gun or at the "killers", and some faced a slow death by starvation and/or disease (just because it's growing out of the ground doesn't mean it's nutritious!)  And, some are the offspring of these donkeys.

The majority of these C-ASS-taway Treasures are miniature donkeys (36" and under).  This "reality" is not just a Texas one.  Unfortunately we have read articles in the National Miniature Donkey Association's magazine, ASSET, that this reality is being addressed in other parts of the country, also.  Greed breeds abuse and excess.

What will become of this excess?  Donkeys will live 30-40 years when cared for properly.  Bigger donkeys can always be paired and put in a pasture as "guard" animals.  Miniature donkeys should NEVER be utilized as a guard donkey, alone OR in pairs.

The C-ASS-taway Treasures at The Robinson Ranch are offered for sale to approved new homes.  They are offered as same sex pairs, perhaps a gelding and a jenny, usually with their "buddy."  Once they have bonded with a "friend", separation is very stressful.  For some of them, their life has experienced more than enough stress already.

Most of these miniature "treasures" are offered without papers because they are "pet quality" and we do not recommend they be bred.  All of the boys have already been gelded.  The jennies are the real concern, as it is not as simple to neuter them.

If you feel you can provide the Best home for any of these "treasures", please contact us to begin dialogue.

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